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Mission Statement

At SurfingLion, our main goal is to protect individuals and organizations from cyber threats. We specialize in cybersecurity consulting, helping businesses prevent and defend against hackers, cybercriminals, and other data and privacy intruders. In addition, we provide expert advice on solving business operations and architecture issues.

Our Expertise
 What We Do
  • Protect customers’ digital assets and privacy.

  • Perform penetrating testing and identify the security risks issues

  • Develop disaster recovery and incident response plans that will cover the whole organization

  • Organize training events and security drills to prepare the organization for unexpected security breaches

  • Understand customer needs and formulate a custom cyber defense plan

  • Perform auditing and evaluate company architecture

  • Perform a digital forensic analysis

  • Align the organization with government compliances and industry standards

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We are more than happy to help you. Together we will shape the future!
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